Propose a Trip

Breakout Princeton Trip Proposals are currently closed. 

One of the unique aspects about Breakout Princeton is the ability for Princeton students to propose and lead their own trips! In the spring of each year, the Breakout Board will begin accepting trip applications from interested students. Applicants are tasked with identifying a social issue/trip topic, a relevant and feasible trip location, and a brief description of conceptions of service and outline of the trip. Trip proposals should also be conscious of the Breakout service model:

Using available resources to develop an understanding of the topic, location, and trip members. Pre-trip activities can include meeting with faculty, talking with community partners, and watching a documentary.

Direct Service
Breakout emphasizes the practice of service learning: thoughtfully engaging and learning from community partners and each other.

Post Trip
Ways to bring the learning back to campus and sharing with respective communities. This can take many forms including (but not limited to): creating an organization, running an event, fundraising, or getting further involved in service.

Overall, when selecting a trip, the Breakout Board looks for trip proposals and leaders intentional about the Breakout service model, excited to build relationships, and committed to growing in leadership.

Each year Breakout looks to strengthen relationships locally and nationally, especially in its current priority areas:

  • New England Region (VT, ME, MA, NH, CT)
  • New Jersey Region - Local
  • Arts (Partnership with Lewis Arts Center)
  • Urban Design and History (Partnership with Princeton Mellon Initiative)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Campus Collaborative Trip