After Your Breakout Trip: What Now?

When students return from their Breakout Trips, finding ways to bring their experience to campus is just as essential to our service model as the trip itself.

The Breakout Program and Pace Center provide support to trip participants and leaders throughout their Breakout trip experience, including their Post-Trip engagement. The Breakout Program defines Post-Trip engagement as any student-led initiative to bring learning back to campus, as a result of the Breakout Trip experience. We ensure focus on post-trips by planning potential post trips with student leaders in their leader training and providing trip leaders with the resources to brainstorm potential post trips with participants throughout the trip. Groups are also encouraged to develop other campus partnerships as they work to bring their trips back to campus. Exactly how the participants want to bring their learning back to campus is up to each trip’s preferences. Campus partnerships can be made with existing student groups, campus institutions such as the Office of Religious Life, or academic departments. While people often think of social change as volunteering or protests, another particular way that participants bring learning back to campus is through their academic careers. Other possible project ideas are encouraging dialogue through white board campaigns or creating a video to broadcast learning and advocacy. Breakout ensures that all students have the ability to bring their Post-Trip visions to life by providing financial support for Post-Trip activities. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the tools in which they can feel empowered and prepared to enact social change in our community.


How do we bring our learning back to campus?


Breakout Post Trips Advocacy

supporting an idea or cause through communications, and collecting evidence 

  • Videos! (with proper permission)
  • Joining an existing conversation
Community Organizing

Breakout Post Trips Community Organizing

bringing people together to act in their shared self-interest 

  • Teach-ins
  • Collaborating with existing organizations
Political Activities

Post Trips Political Activities

mobilizing others to influence public policy through formal political channels – and participating yourself

  • Get out to vote!
  • Call elected officials together
Charitable Volunteerism

Breakout Post Trips Charitable Volunteerism

addressing immediate needs, most often through social service agencies, churches, or schools

  • Volunteering with Breakout Local
  • Tutoring
Community Research

Breakout Post Trips Community Based Learning Initiative

conducting research in partnership with members of the community with an intention to benefit

  • Participate in a CBLI
  • Propose a CBLI
Protests & Demonstrations

Breakout Post Trips Protests and Demonstrations

expressing public disagreement with a situation or policy in a visible, non-violent way

  • Teaching with an on-campus activist group
Community Building

Breakout Post Trips Community Building

strengthening the capacity of local residents and associations to work together 

  • Local history or awareness project surrounding your issue
Deliberative Dialogue

Women's Center

exchanging and weighing different ideas around particular issues in a public setting

  • Whiteboard campaign
  • Creating a forum for discussion