In the Shadows of the Border

The Politics (and Realities) of Immigration Enforcement in Southern Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

What do immigration politics and enforcement look like on the ground along the U.S.-Mexico border? How have local communities been reshaped by migration and increased control efforts in recent years? What sort of rhetoric, campaign appeals, and policy framing have candidates for elected office used around issues of undocumented immigration, human rights, and national security? And what role, if any, do local non-governmental organizations play in fostering and supporting relationships between local residents and public officials? Conceived and planned with input from Princeton and Norte Dame faculty members, this breakout trip aims to move students beyond reductive campaign slogans toward a greater understanding of the complex web of community and special interest groups, local and federal law enforcement agencies, and policy-makers on the frontlines of immigration in southern Arizona.


Campus Partnership

The Pace Center is delighted to partner with Professor Ali Valenzuela, Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University on the formation and implementation of this Breakout Trip! 

Further information about trip leaders to come!