A Public Health Approach to Violence

Investigating Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Detroit, MI

On this breakout trip, we will try to gain a better understanding of the ways in which health services are provided to people of low socioeconomic status and how these services impact complex social issues such as gun violence. Detroit has one of the highest rates of gun related violence while also struggling with complicated health care issues especially in low-income communities. Gun violence presents complex policy issues that we may be able to better understand through a comprehensive public health lens that considers the communities and backgrounds of people affected by gun related violence. We will explore the reaches of public health initiatives and analyze public health’s role in addressing violence in communities.


Marisela Neff ‘20Marisela Neff ‘20

Marisela is a sophomore from Buffalo, NY thinking about concentrating in Molecular Biology on the pre-med track. She is currently involved in Envision, the Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP), the Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS), and the Princeton Hidden Minority Council (PHMC). She is so excited to be co-leading this trip to explore the reaches of public health policy while embracing a spirit of service.


Winfred Darko ‘20Winfred Darko ‘20

Winfred Darko is a sophomore born and raised in the Bronx, New York, from Ghana and Togo. He is majoring in computer science, and is currently involved with SIFP, the Princeton University Gospel Ensemble (PUGE), the Order of Black Male Excellence (OBME), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and Dorobucci. He is ecstatic to be co-leading this trip to further understand the impact and implications of health policy.



Applications will be available in the Spring.