Community Building

Unpacking Gentrification in Trenton, NJ (First-Years Only)

Trenton, NJ

Founded in 1719, the city of Trenton, New Jersey has seen many community shifts throughout its history. These shifts continue today with Pace Center Community Partner In-Residence, Pastor Karen Hernandez-Granzen, lifting up "Unpacking Gentrification" as the focus for this year's First-Year Breakout Trip. Recent news reports describe gentrification as a dirty word in many urban neighborhoods across the country. This Breakout Trip is focused on learning what gentrification looks like and how it is positively and negatively affecting the Trenton community. Specifically, we aim to garner an understanding on how a sense of community can be maintained as the neighborhoods undergo this change. We look forward to engaging in discussions with government officials, community organizers,  and city activists as we learn more about this increasingly prevalent issue.


Kiki Gilbert '21 and Conor Wilson '21 serve as trip leaders for this trip and Abby Lissanu serves are the graduate student coordinator.