Care Past Customs

Understanding The Intersection Of Healthcare And Immigration

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On this Breakout trip, we will explore how individuals in the multinational immigrant community of Philadelphia pursue health and wellness and examine the impact of policy on health care and the people it reaches (and fails to reach). Philadelphia, home to immigrants from Asia, Latin America, and Africa, offers a wealth of information about experiences from different immigrant groups, healthcare providers, and others that work closely on this topic as well as resources aimed to serve these populations. Our trip aims to unpack how previous trauma, current resettlement concerns, and cultural standards or norms may affect health outcomes and utilization of medical services while also outlining the social structures and networks that serve as supports to influxes of new immigrants and mechanisms of resilience.



Dani Herman ‘18Dani Herman ‘18

Dani Herman is a senior from Stow, Ohio who is studying Neuroscience with a certificate in African American Studies. She serves as a Junior Pace Center Fellow, a three-time CA leader, the former co-chair of the Pace Council for Civic Values and the former co-president of a Pace Student Organization (GlobeMed). She has led Community Action trips with a focus on Health and on Welcoming Immigrants the following year; she has since become interested in how these two issues intersect, prompting the focus of this Breakout trip.


Mimi Chung ‘18Mimi Chung ‘18

Mimi is a senior in the chemistry department from Montgomery, Alabama. She is a Student Volunteers Council board member and a project leader for Meals on Wheels.


Applications will be available in the Spring.