The Opioid Crisis

Exploring Community Solutions


Nashua, NH


Our goal is to gain insight into Nashua’s community response to the local opioid crisis. On paper, New Hampshire seems an unlikely location for a drug crisis, given that it has the highest median income in the United States, paired with low levels of poverty, crime and unemployment. Yet at the same time, the state has the second highest opioid overdose rate in the country with 35.8 deaths per 100,000 people, almost three times higher than the national average. Nashua, New Hampshire’s second largest city, has had particular success within the local community in facilitating multi-pronged solutions to aid recovery. The trip will focus on community solutions, with emphasis on how city government and treatment organizations are partnering to combat the crisis. 



Trip Leader Alex Kilander

Trip Leader Alex Kilander

Alex Kilander '22

Alex is a sophomore studying at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Other than Breakout Princeton, he plays football for the Tigers, is an active member of the Princeton Jeopardy circuit, and lives in the one and only Wilson College. Going to Nashua, New Hampshire would be, of sorts, a coming-home experience for him. He is the first generation in his mother’s family to be born outside of Nashua. Alex is excited to see first-hand the city of Nashua’s response to the epidemic.

Trip Leader Pooja Parmar

Trip Leader Pooja Parmar

Pooja Parmar '22

Pooja is a sophomore majoring in Economics and pursuing certificates in Environmental Science and Ethnographic studies. Pooja is a part of Naacho Dance Company and loves to express her South Asian culture through. Pooja is also a Writing Center Fellow, EcoRep, and Work-Study student for the Joseph Henry House. She is extremely excited to be leading a breakout trip this year and can’t wait to curate an amazing experience for participants.