Inequalities in Access


Cancer Screening, Prevention, and Treatment


New York, NY


As a concentrated metropolitan area with huge diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, New York City is no stranger to inequalities in its healthcare system. On this breakout trip, we will focus on cancer health care — namely, the barriers in access to cancer screening, prevention, and treatment across the city’s boroughs. Studies have suggested that cancer disparities exist among spatially separated neighborhoods in Manhattan, and that cancer incidence health burdens may be the result of preventable causes that can be attributed to social communities ties at the neighborhood level, but also to race and ethnicity. Over the course of the trip, we will aim to understand how socioeconomic factors contribute to screening, prevention, and treatment disparities, how organizations are working to reduce the impact of these barriers, and how factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, and class may further exacerbate the inequalities present in cancer healthcare.



Trip Leader Alice VinogradskyAlice Vinogradsky '20


Alice Vinogradsky is a junior from northern New Jersey in the Molecular Biology department pursuing a certification in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, aside from working in a cancer research laboratory, she is involved with the Student Health Advisory Board, Global Development Network, and the Peer Health Advisors program. Her interests in community and immigrant health as well as healthcare accessibility prompted her interest in leading a trip focused on cancer healthcare disparities in the complex yet fascinating metropolis of New York City.


Trip Leader Ruby GuoRuby Guo '19

Ruby Guo is a Molecular Bio major from the Jersey Shore! She is super interested in medicine and public health, with a particular focus on the scientific and social basis for cancer. On campus, she is mainly involved in student government; Camp Kesem, a camp for kids who are affected by cancer; and research in a cancer biology lab. She is pumped to be planning and leading this breakout trip to NY with my co-leader! Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or just to shoot the breeze!