Healthcare in the Homeland

Exploring Native American Experiences of the US Healthcare System


Tulsa, OK

This trip aims to explore Native American experiences with healthcare in the US, including both the prominent issues and the solutions being worked towards. The trip will take place in Tulsa, a city that approximately 30,000 Native Americans call home, as well as on the Osage Nation, a Native American reservation just outside of Tulsa. By talking to various community partners from the University of Tulsa, to Non-Government Organizations, to healthcare providers, we will aim to hear from various perspectives to begin to gather an understanding of what it means to be a Native American seeking healthcare in the United States today.




Trip Leader Brandon Ward

Brandon Ward '20

Brandon Ward is a senior in the Molecular Biology department from Maryland. He is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina from his maternal side. Brandon enjoys cooking, learning new languages, and planning international trips that he will never go on because he can’t afford them. On campus, you can find him in lab complaining about Matlab or around the LGBT center in Frist.

Trip Leader Natasha Thomas

Natasha Thomas '20

Natasha Thomas is American but grew up internationally in Taiwan, Beijing, and Brussels. She is a senior in the Comparative Literature department pursuing a certificate in East Asian Studies. On campus she is involved in Matriculate as an advising fellow and the Nassau Literary Review as a prose reader. Outside of school she enjoys creative writing and napping.