Breakout Princeton

Breakout Princeton students debriefing together

The mission of Breakout Princeton is to offer students the opportunity to expand their education through immersive service-learning trips that engage with critical issues facing communities across the nation, and inspire sustained commitment back on campus.

Fall and spring break off-campus trips are led by students for students and have covered a variety of topics in the past including: transgender healthcare, the education gap, mass incarceration, and urban arts. Taking place in locations across the nation, these trips are all free of charge and open to all. If you want to propose your own trip, look for our application offered every spring.

Our program also offers a campus-based chapter called Breakout Local. If you are on campus over your spring, fall, or intersession break, we will have a variety of projects for you to get involved in whether you want to spend one day or your whole break giving back to the local community. We value:

  • Experiential learning
  • Humility, Respect, and Open-Mindedness
  • Diversity of Perspectives
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Justice
  • Equitable Access for All Students

Regardless of how you get involved, all aspects of our program integrate service, reflection, and education as we strive to heighten participants' awareness of critical social issues, enhance their individual growth, and prepare them to meaningfully engage in service throughout their lives.

For a closer look at what goes on during our trips, check out our blog.

Apply to Go on a Trip

Students can apply to go on a fully-funded Breakout Princeton trip twice a year, once at the beginning of the fall semester and once in the spring semester. Breakout Princeton applications are currently closed. 

Propose a Trip

If you are passionate about a social issue, find a co-leader, and together propose a Breakout Princeton Trip. The trip proposal process is currently closed.