Pace Council for Civic Values

PCCV Board

Get Connected to Service at Princeton

Want to get involved involved in service or civic engagement work, but don’t know where to start?

The Pace Council for Civic Values (PCCV) is a student board of the Pace Center whose mission is to inspire Princeton students to participate in, and to connect them to, meaningful civic engagement opportunities through its values:

  • provide equitable access to civic engagement opportunities
  • opportunities that inspire discourse and reflection
  • connect and collaborate with existing civic engagement opportunities
  • foster internal mentorship within our board and the Pace Center

Connect with PCCV

  1. Email to schedule an appointment or connect with a PCCV member over email.

  2. Attend one of our PCCV events (See “What We Do”).

  3. Subscribe to the Pace Center newsletter to stay updated on Pace Center events and programs.

What We Do

Our work facilitates access to volunteer opportunities, discourse and reflection, and collaboration.


The Pace Council for Civic Values (PCCV) seeks out new members for its student board each fall.