The Service Focus Winter Grant program calls upon students to pursue service work, inspired by their internships, courses, and cohorts, that address identified existing community need(s) in an appropriate, specific, and wanted manner. Both current Service Focus sophomores and Service Focus Fellows are eligible to apply for a micro-grant to support small-scale service projects in partnership with an existing community organization to be completed between December 23 and January 23. Projects may be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two. Grant recipients will receive up to $750 to support their projects ($250 to compensate community partners for their time and $500 to purchase necessary materials and cover any costs to the students to run the project). Students need to have direct deposit set up with the university to receive their $500 stipend. 

Projects should be. . .

  • Impact-driven and designed to meet an identified and existing societal need. 
  • Feasible given your available time and resources (approximately 50 hours of commitment and $750). 
  • Planned in partnership with a community organization/non-profit (including Princeton orgs and departments). Preference will be given to extension of previous partnerships from past internships or service work.  
  • Considerate of community partners’ health and safety guidelines.

Projects can be . . .

  • Done in partnership with other current Service Focus students, Princeton departments, or student organizations.
  • Small in scope. Being realistic about your available time and resources is a good thing!
  • Nothing new. It's much better to support existing community efforts than invent a new approach for the sake of being original. Honoring community assets and knowledge should be foundational to your project. 

Partnership Guidelines 

  • You should make contact with your community organization before applying in order to develop a project that is designed to meet an existing need and support work that is already being done in the community. 
  • Please review Pace's Partnership Principles 
  • For guidance on reaching out to a community partner, feel free to email Evan Schneider ([email protected]). 
  • Once your project is approved, if the community partner qualifies, we will reach out to your community partner with necessary paperwork to process a $250 honoraria to compensate them for their time. 

APPLICATIONS DUE midnight 11:59PM EST November 27, 2023

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