Princeton Advocacy & Activism Student Board (PAAS) shapes the direction of and supports Pace Center student organizations.

PAAS Board Values

As the PAAS Board we believe:

  • Students care deeply about Princeton University and they engage in activism at the institutional level because they want the university to be a place that is for and representative of all students
  • In encouraging student autonomy in how they think and act 
  • In cultivating a culture of civil dialogue in student activism and advocacy
  • In leading with transparency and compassion
  • In equipping students to do activism and advocacy well



Connect with the PAAS Board:

Alyssa Lloyd, Co-Chair: [email protected]

Thomas Coulouras, Co-Chair: [email protected]

Arjun Prasad, Communications: [email protected]

Reem Saeed, Liason: [email protected]

Jaylee Witcher, Liason: [email protected]

Ashley Park, Liason: [email protected]

Arika Hassan, Liason: [email protected]

Annie Akbar, Liason: [email protected]