Environmental Defense Fund: Supply Chain Solution Center Food And Agriculture Fellow

Apply here. (Applications due Friday, January 12, 2018)

Non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for this position.

Website: www.edf.org

Location: Bentonville, AR

Fellowship Position

Position title: Supply Chain Solution Center Food and Agriculture Fellow

Department: EDF+Business

Reports to: Director, Supply Chain

Address of fellowship placement: 1116 South Walton Blvd, Ste 167 Bentonville, AR 72712

Department Description

EDF+Business pioneered the NGO/corporate partnership model, and over the past twenty-five years has worked with leading companies to reduce the environmental impacts of products and services and incorporate environmental considerations into business decisions. Our projects are designed to achieve significant environmental results, generate business benefits for our corporate partners, and create new industry-wide best practices. For more information on our work and examples of past and current partnerships, visit www.edf.org/approach/partnerships/corporate. EDF’s Supply Chain team is focused on accelerating the transition to supply chains that protect the environment & deliver safe & healthy food & products for all, through improving the way products are designed, produced, distributed, and consumed.

Position Description

EDF has over twenty-five years of experience working with corporations to drive win-win solutions for the environment and business. One of our flagship projects is working with Walmart for the past 10 years to drive improvements in the retail supply chain. EDF helped Walmart exceed its goal to remove 20 MMT of GHGs from its supply chain by 2015 and continued to push Walmart to set an even more aggressive target. In November 2016, Walmart announced a new target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain by one Gigaton by 2030—this is the same as the emissions from the entire German economy for a year.

Deemed Project Gigaton, the effort will focus on incentivizing suppliers to join the effort and drive massive reductions across the globe. One of the main areas of impact in supply chains is food and agriculture, with about 50% of the GHG impact coming from the grocery sector. Given EDF’s wealth of experience working with corporate partners, we are using Project Gigaton as an opportunity to launch a new effort: the Supply Chain Solution Center (SCSC). Our past work has focused on one-on-one partnership with companies, but in order to catalyze industry-wide change, we want to find ways to reach more companies with innovative sustainability solutions, without requiring in-depth one-on-one partnership with each company.

The SCSC aims to create one-stop resource hub to assist companies in how to improve sustainability within supply chains, pulling from EDF’s core expertise and learnings as well as other experts in the field. The main goal for this fellowship will be to strategically create and manage content for the SCSC resource hub. The fellow will focus on our food and agriculture portfolio, including deforestation, fertilizer efficiency, soil health, food waste, and chemical food additives—all major issue areas for EDF experts and core opportunities to improve the health and sustainability of the retail supply chain.

The fellow will work with EDF+Business content leads for deforestation, agriculture, food waste, and health, to determine opportunities to promote innovative solutions to supply chain sustainability professionals. This could include drafting one-pagers, webinars, toolkits, how-to guides, or other communications materials, as well as planning one-on-one meetings or strategy sessions with corporate leaders. The fellow will have the opportunity to be the lead relationship manager for one or more small to mid-sized corporate actors, which would include managing communications, outreach and strategic engagement.

Through this work, the fellow will be supported by his/her supervisor, but would also have support from the broader Supply Chain team, including the content specific experts who can help the fellow with content creation and the communications team who can assist with asset creation. He/she will also be able to interface with the EDF program staff in Ecosystems, Global Climate, and Health, as well as the Office of the Chief Scientist.

Examples of specific responsibilities, projects, tasks, and/or duties of the Fellow include:

Below is an example of the types of projects that a fellow might be able to engage in. The specific responsibilities will be tailored both to the individual in the position coupled with the current priorities and deliverables of the team.

  • Create content for the Supply Chain Solution Center, with a focus on food and agriculture initiatives.
    • Work with content leads at EDF+Business and program staff to determine the best lessons learned to disseminate.
    • Research other resources outside of EDF that might be valuable tools to assist corporate sustainability managers and incorporate where appropriate.
    • Explore creative ways beyond handouts and reports to share learnings, such as animations, videos, webinars, in-person presentations, etc.
  • Manage light-touch relationships with small to mid-tier companies that need support and resources to develop sustainability plans.
  • As more and more companies engage with EDF through the SCSC, identify and execute ways to leverage this network of sustainability professionals to increase individual and overall impact.
  • Conduct research and analysis on the best opportunities to improve measurement and tracking in complex supply chains. Assist the team with recommendations on how corporate actors can better monitor Scope 3 emissions reductions.
  • Manage the educational webinar strategy for the food and agriculture team, including creating a calendar of events, managing the invitations and marketing, and following-up with participants with next steps.
  • Support the deforestation, circular economy, seafood, and/or food waste topic areas with research and analysis to build additional thought leadership around these topic areas.
  • Manage other Supply Chain Solution Center food and agriculture events as needed.
  • Improve the social media presence for the food and agriculture team as part of SCSC.



  • Knowledge of corporate sustainability as a driver of environmental change.
  • Communications skills such as journalism or social media engagement.


  • Environmental science, economics, and/or policy
  • Communications and/or marketing
  • Corporate sustainability and/or business strategy

Professional Development

  • The EDF+Business and Supply Chain teams both have regular team retreats that focus on helping staff improve core professional skills and learn about corporate sustainability. The Fellow will have full access to these resources. Past sessions have included: management training, presentation training, learning from CEO experts on sustainability strategies, and team building exercises.
  • We will fund the Fellow to attend one conference each year of the fellowship to help with professional development and networking. These could include GreenBiz, Sustainable Brands, the FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit, or other opportunities related to corporate sustainability.
  • Bentonville is home to the world’s largest retailer, and many Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area. Bentonville offers a unique networking opportunity for a Fellow interested in joining the field of corporate sustainability. As a member of the Bentonville office, the Fellow will have the opportunity to attend meetings at Walmart Headquarters to learn about corporate culture and sustainability strategies.
  • The Fellow will have the opportunity to interface with corporate sustainability managers, cutting edge scientists, and EDF+Business leadership.
  • The Fellow will participate in quarterly professional development check-ins with his/her supervisor to ensure that s/he has access to appropriate growth opportunities. S/he will also be mentored by another staff member on the team if interested.
  • The Fellow will be encouraged to pursue other professional development opportunities that are most relevant and of interest. This could include small side projects related to the Supply Chain teams work, participating in the EDF Diversity committee, the Women and Leadership group, Toastmasters, or other opportunities depending on the intern’s interests.