Homefront Tutoring and College Prep

HomeFront is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals who are currently facing housing insecurity, or who have faced housing insecurity in the past. HomeFront Tutoring and College Prep volunteers with two HomeFront programs, Joy, Hopes and Dreams (JHD) and Discovery Club. JHD volunteers tutor K-12 students, as well as form relationships with them during pre-tutoring free-time and dinner during volunteer sessions. Discovery Club volunteers work with high school students. They plan and facilitate fun, engaging college-oriented activities. Previous examples include a financial aid application-themed escape room, Jeopardy, and college-essay brainstorming Jenga. 

We do not have any final answers about the details of our virtual engagement as much of what we can do depends on HomeFront’s capacities. We hope to be able to plan and administer college-prep activities, as well as to maintain JHD tutor-student relationships over Zoom. We’re looking for members to be flexible and bring creative ideas for online engagement.