Guggenheim Internships in Criminal Justice

by manisha

Guggenheim Internship

Generously funded by the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation, Oscar S. Straus II Fellows in Criminal Justice are a group of Princeton University, Columbia University, and Barnard College students who intern each summer at New York City criminal justice non-profit organizations. Here they engage in direct client services, legal services, social services, and policy research. This program was launched in 1996 and supports 16 to 20 internships, each provided with a $450 per week stipend. The Guggenheim program intends for students to develop a real-world understanding of legal issues in criminal justice, to learn about policy innovations, and to consider future careers or further education in fields related to criminal justice. Click here for a complete list of Guggenheim Internship Opportunities

Seniors are not eligible to apply for the Guggenheim internships. To make an appointment to learn more, log in to WASE, and sign up for an appointment with Kira O'Brien.