Finding The Match

Finding the Match is a campus chapter of Be the Match, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping blood cancer patients receive life-saving transplants. Given that the chances of finding bone marrow matches are extremely low, our campus chapter's mission is to find people willing to be donors. In addition, we work to spread awareness of blood cancers and similar topics such as peripheral blood stem cell donation. We additionally do outreach work with high school students who would be interested in finding donors within their respective student networks. The idea is not to pressure volunteers, members, or anyone else into becoming donors themselves, but to encourage students to help spread the world and locate people who want to be donors. Finding the Match hopes to decrease the number of patients who pass away unable to find their match.
Contacts:, Mikaylah Ladue '20 (, Angelo Kayser-Brown '22 (
When: The exact time of meetings is dependent on the availability of members.
Where: On campus. We will be hosting donation and awareness events on campus throughout the semester as well as implementing programs in high schools remotely.