Finding The Match

Given that the chances of finding bone marrow matches are extremely low, our organization's mission is to find and train high school students who would be interested both in spreading awareness blood cancers, and similar topics such as peripheral blood stem cell donation, and finding people willing to be donors within their respective student networks that they have access to at their schools. The idea is not to pressure volunteers, members, or anyone else into becoming donors themselves, but to encourage the students to help spread the word and locate people who actually want to be donors. Finding the Match hopes to decrease the number of patients who pass away unable to find their match.

Finding the Match serves the high school student population by training, educating, and preparing them to perform service deeds related to education of students and recruitment of potential peripheral blood stem cell donors. It also serves the population of those who require peripheral blood stem cell donations; by training more people to spread awareness, Finding the Match hopes to increase the number of individuals who sign up as donors.Finding the Match is also excited to plan donation events on campus.

Contacts: Mikaylah Ladue '20 (

When: The exact time of meetings is dependent on the availability of members. We meet 2-4 times a month as a group, but most service is done on students' own times whenever they are free.

Where: On-Campus. Most work will be done remotely, but updates will be given to the executive board every other week. We will be hosting events on campus during the Spring semester (donation and awareness events) as well as implementing programs in high schools remotely.