TDI Connect (Month of Service)

Sat, Jan 12, 2019, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Pace Center for Civic Engagement

Refurbish donated computers with TDI Connect to support the Trenton school district’s computer-assisted reading program. Currently there are over 250 second graders in the additional reading programs across the 12 elementary schools in Trenton. The goal is to have every second grade student receive a computer to take home to help them in getting their reading skills up to speed. According to the Trenton Literacy Movement, “…in grades K-3 you learn to read, after grade 3 you read to learn. From grade 4, explicit instruction in reading is replaced with other subjects. From then on reading competence is assumed and essential.” This explains the emphasis on grade 2 and the new reading programs being implemented at the 2nd grade level. TDI Connect is a local nonprofit that refurbishes donated computers and laptops and distributes the computers to local nonprofits, many of them schools. Volunteers are provided a 15-20 minute training which will provide them with the skills and knowledge to load software on to each computer. Please note that the volunteer blocks do not account for the 30-minute ride to and from the volunteer site in Hamilton Township. Volunteers should add in this additional hour for scheduling purposes.

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