In collaboration with partners in the community, the Pace Center has articulated four core components necessary to build effective partnerships. These principles guide our relationships on and off campus, and guide our work with undergraduate and graduate students as they seek to develop partnerships and collaborations.

Partnership Principles

Preparation as a Continual Practice

Take the time to get to know one another. Start small and build. Ask each other what knowledge, skills, perspectives and self-reflection might support your partnership. Work toward an increased understanding of each others’ needs and assets. 

Communicate Early and Often 

Practice active listening with humility and respect to hear and connect with each other. Acknowledge your own positionality, assumptions and perspectives. Strive to reach a shared understanding about the nature of the work you are doing together through clear and consistent communication.

Approach Service with Integrity

Show up for each other and be fully present. Practice follow-through and commitment to your shared mission and mutual growth. Be candid about challenges that arise and be accountable to each other. Celebrate things that work well and share in the successes.

Cultivate Equity in Partnerships

Recognize that in any relationship there are going to be power dynamics. What’s important is to understand, acknowledge, and leverage them in ways that ensure positive impact. Do no harm; make sure your efforts are promoting the strengths or best interests of the community.