Service and civic engagement are grounded in the formation of equitable and authentic relationships, both on and off Princeton University’s campus. Partners are an integral part of what makes service meaningful at Princeton. When we connect with others we are able to better understand what our community needs.

Partnership Principles

In collaboration with partners in the community, the Pace Center has articulated four core components necessary to build effective partnerships.


The Pace Center invites and accepts co-sponsorship requests from Princeton campus partners and community partners.

Internship Collaboration

Learn how partners play an integral role in the Pace Center’s internship and fellowship experiences.

Alumni Support

Discover how Princeton University alumni can interact with and support service and engagement with the Pace Center.

Recruiting Student Volunteers

If you are an organization outside Princeton looking for student volunteers we can help.

University Resources for Partner Organizations

Inspired by our Partnership Principles, the purpose of this guide is to make it easier for community organizations to access resources at the University. This guide is intended as a jumping off tool, and organizations are encouraged to reach out directly to the…