How the past informs the present

Service and civic engagement offer vital avenues to acquire a deeper understanding of societal issues and an appreciation for the complex constellation of factors that drive these issues. Taking time to understand the history and contemporary contexts of the places and people with which we engage is a critical part of preparing for service and civic engagement. Representation and visibility in history matters. It influences how we see the world and it influences our ability to become active and participatory citizens in our local, national, and global communities. 

Trenton, New Jersey's capital city, has a rich and complex history. Discover why it matters today as we meet the people and organizations preserving the past and leading the city forward. 


Episode 1: Trenton Makes the World Takes

Learn about the industrial history of Trenton, NJ and what this legacy means for the city today with David Brown, Assistant Director of PACE Center.

9m 52s

Episode 2: Declaring Independence, Then and Now

Explore how history helps us understand the present, what the reading of the Declaration of Independence meant during colonial times, and what its ideals of freedom, equality, and liberty mean for us today.

11m 13s