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Service at Princeton is defined broadly and a way for students to find meaning, purpose, and belonging in their Princeton experience. The John H. Pace Jr ‘39 Center for Civic Engagement provides funding to students proposing a service project that is designed to fulfill a community need and/or to positively impact the Princeton student experience in service. Successful proposals will align with the Pace Center’s partnership principles, and identify learning goals achievable through reflection and community building.

To be considered for funding, you are asked to first discuss your proposed project with a Pace Center staff advisor. After this discussion, you can submit your project proposal using this form. Project proposals will be reviewed on a weekly basis by Pace Center staff. You will be notified if you can move forward and apply for the Pace Center’s SAFE funding.   

For initial interest guidance or questions about this award, process, and requirements, please reach out to Elsie Sheidler.

Funding Parameters