Academic Success Today

Academic Success Today seeks to foster strong interpersonal relationships between Princeton students and their mentees, through tutoring, relationship-building, and academic guidance.
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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness seeks to create a welcoming campus where everyone can interact with and accept each other, no matter who they are.
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Africa Initiative at Princeton

The Africa Initiative at Princeton seeks to amplify conversations about Africa in Princeton.
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American Red Cross

The Princeton chapter of the American Red Cross coordinates and runs blood drives for the Red Cross several times throughout the year.

Ascend Hospice

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international nonprofit organization that aims to bring people with and without intellectual disabilities together to form friendships and have fun.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national organization that serves children in your area. When you become a Big, you become a friend and mentor--the focus is on the relationship.
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Black Organization for Leadership Development (B.O.L.D)

The Black Organization for Leadership Development program seeks to support high-achieving black youth through workshops and events designed to provide leadership development skills that will help enhance their high school experience and prepare them for college.  
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Camp Kesem Princeton

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.
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Challah for Hunger

Challah for Hunger is a joint Pace Center-Center for Jewish Life group that raises money and awareness for hunger-based charities through baking and selling challah, traditional Jewish bread eaten on Shabbat and holidays.
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This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Community House After School Enrichment

CHASE (Community House After School Enrichment) is a Community House project focused on enabling low income, minority, and first generation high school students in the Princeton community to overcome the education gap.
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Community House After School Program

Community House After School Academy (CHASA) is a middle school program where students participate in daily workshops designed to help them build and improve their academic skill in language arts, math, writing and science.
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Community House Big Sibs

Community House Big Sibs is a mentorship project connecting Princeton University students with elementary students from the Princeton Public Schools. Mentors build long-term relationships with individual students and help foster academic, social and emotional growth.
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Community House Preschool Program

The Preschool Program addresses early childhood literacy by helping preschoolers with school-readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten.
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Community House Princeton Engineering Education for Kids (PEEK)

Through PEEK, undergraduate students visit elementary school classrooms and teach children basic principles of engineering using LEGO robotics kits.
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Community House SAT Prep

During the SAT Prep Program volunteers teach Math and English sessions twice a week and also provide one-on-one tutoring to help high school students develop standardized test-taking skills.
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Community Link

Partnering with Latinos en Progreso of Princeton Public Schools, this mentorship initiative connects Princeton University students with youth participants in the Latinos en Progreso afterschool program hosted at the Panell Learning Center.
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Community Walk

Community walk is a community building project aimed at empowering University students to discover and share the greater Princeton community’s rich history.
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CONTACT Princeton

CONTACT is a Student Volunteers Council service project whose volunteers answer phone calls for a local crisis hotline and the national suicide hotline.

Creative Minds

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.


Crossings encourages middle school students to examine issues surrounding diversity, including culture, ethnicity, race, education, gender identity, and religious beliefs.
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ESL El Centro

ESL El Centro provides free English language classes to adult learners in Trenton, NJ as well as on Princeton's campus.

Finding The Match

Finding the Match is a campus chapter of Be the Match, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping blood cancer patients receive life-saving transplants.
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Generation One

Helping students navigate the high school experience and prepare to launch into college, Generation One provides mentoring, academic tutoring, subject-specific study circles, writing workshops, field trips, college tours and other activities.
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Generation Speak

Generation Speak is a student group dedicated to building meaningful, consistent relationships between Princeton student volunteers, area youth and senior residents living independently at the Elm Court and Harriet Bryan House facilities of Princeton Community Housing.
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GetSET volunteers assist in an after-school program in Trenton, NJ, which focuses on tutoring and mentoring children, whether that be helping with homework assignments, reading with the children, or playing interactive and educational games.

Habitat for Humanity

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Health In Princeton Schools

Health in Princeton Schools (HIPS) is a Pace Center weekly volunteer project that seeks to increase health awareness in local elementary schools by recruiting Princeton University undergraduates to serve as young, relatable role models and mentors.
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Homefront Tutoring and College Prep

HomeFront serves families who are experiencing serious economic hardship as part of their mission to end homelessness in Central New Jersey.

HomeFront Volunteer Project

HVP (HomeFront Volunteer Project) focuses on health and education for the children of homeless families at the Homefront Family Campus in Trenton, NJ. Volunteers work in a variety of projects, from the Early Head Start program to the after-school education program to evening activities that teach children art, cooking, and computer literacy.

I'm Not Done Yet Club

Information about the I'm Not Done Yet Club is coming soon.
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In Circus of Humanity

In Circus of Humanity is dedicated to building a close relationship between Princeton University and the Trenton Circus Squad through tutoring, mentoring, and a collaborative sharing of circus-related skills.

Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program

The Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) is a student-run organization that provides free kidney health screenings and health education to local communities. As part of a national movement, the Princeton KDSAP chapter seeks to provide students with the opportunity of directly helping diverse populations in the local area.


This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Let's Get Ready

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Letters to Strangers

Letters to Strangers (L2S) is a global youth-run organization seeking to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable, quality treatment. At the Princeton chapter, we aim to do this through anonymous letter-writing exchanges and political/research advocacy.
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Loaves and Fishes

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 


This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Meals On Wheels

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

One for the World

Information about One for the World is coming soon.
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Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.

Petey Greene Program

The Petey Greene Program supplements education in prisons by preparing volunteers, primarily college students, to provide free, quality tutoring to support the academic achievement of incarcerated people.

Princeton Against Slavery & Trafficking

Princeton Against Slavery and Trafficking (PAST) is a Princeton University student organization dedicated to fighting all forms of modern-day slavery, including human trafficking, forced labour, and domestic servitude.
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Princeton Disability Awareness

Information about Princeton Disability Awareness is coming soon.
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Princeton Effective Altruism

Princeton Effective Altruism's mission is to understand how best to do good in the world, and then apply that knowledge to help others!
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Princeton Environmental Activism Coalition (PEAC)

Princeton Environmental Activism Coalition (PEAC) is a coalition of environmental activists igniting conversation and inspiring action within the student body and administration of Princeton University.
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Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.

Princeton for Health Literacy and Equity

Princeton for Health Literacy and Equity advocates for undocumented immigrant and refugee populations and raises awareness of key health issues in Princeton students
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Princeton Indigenous Advocacy Coalition

The Princeton Indigenous Advocacy Coalition (PIAC) is a student group that seeks to empower and advocate for Indigenous students and studies at Princeton. We work primarily on four core broad goals that we have identified as areas of growth for the university. They are:

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Princeton Music Outreach

Princeton Music Outreach brings together musicians from Princeton with local nursing homes, assisted living homes, and hospice communities. We strive to make a difference through music, which has a great power to help people relax, love, and enjoy their lives.

Princeton Nursery School

Princeton Nursery School is a weekly service project with Community House. For information about Princeton Nursery School email

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Princeton Partners in Health Engage

Partners in Health (PIH) Engage aims to build the right to health movement by growing and amplifying PIH's mission, as a global health organization, worldwide.
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Princeton Re-Entry & Employment Preparation

Princeton volunteers work with with the PREP program to help incarcerated students showcase their strengths, abilities, and employment history to potential employers upon reentry.

Princeton Refugee Initiative

The Princeton Refugee Initiative exists to tangibly aid refugee efforts in New Jersey and throughout the Globe, and envisions Princeton as the collegiate hub of refugee aid efforts in the coming years.
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Princeton Student Climate Initiative

PSCI (Princeton Student Climate Initiative) is dedicated to providing an outlet for students to learn about, engage with, and have a positive impact on climate change. We are focused on advocacy and raising awareness around climate solutions, through writing op-eds, making infographics, hosting call-a-thons, and more.
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Princeton Students Against Gerrymandering

Princeton Students Against Gerrymandering (PSAG) is a student-run organization advocating for electoral map drawing reform.
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Princeton Students for Data Rights (PSDR)

Princeton Students for Data Rights (PSDR) seeks to educate the university community about privacy and corporate and government surveillance, to raise awareness about the relationship between data and oppression, and to engage and empower the next generation of privacy leaders.


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Princeton Students for Immigrant Empowerment

Princeton Students for Immigrant Empowerment is an immigrants' rights organization with a variety of projects geared at empowering our migrant community in Princeton, Trenton and the nation.
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Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice

Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice (PSRJ) exists to educate the university community about reproductive health and rights, to translate increased awareness into pro-choice activism on campus, and to serve as a coalition partner to state, national, and international reproductive rights efforts.

Princeton Students United Restoration Foundation (PSURF)

Princeton Students United Restoration Foundation's (PSURF) mission is to protect and preserve coastal environments, as well as to raise awareness for conservation efforts in coastal and surfing communities.
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Princeton University Girl Up

Princeton Girl Up serves girls in both the surrounding community through fairs and school presentations, as well as girls internationally through donations.
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Princeton Youth Enrichment

Princeton Youth Enrichment (PYE) aims to overcome the disparity in the professional opportunities provided to high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds. We connect students to Princeton undergraduates through mentorship and guidance on real-world situations.

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Rescue Mission

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 

Special Olympics Rowing

We are a Student Volunteers Council (SVC) service project and Special Olympic program that serves adults with disabilities in the Princeton area. We train adult athletes in boats and on indoor rowing machines during a normal school year, and there is a large end of the year competition that we all compete in during the month of March.

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Special Olympics Skating

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.

Special Olympics Swimming

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020. 


Princeton Splash is an organization focused on spreading enthusiasm for learning.
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Students for Prison Education, Abolition and Reform (SPEAR)

Students for Prison Education, Abolition, & Reform (SPEAR) is a student-run advocacy group at Princeton University that seeks to agitate, advocate, and educate against mass incarceration.
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Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Princeton Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) aims to spark dialogue surrounding drugs and drug policy both on campus and on a national level.
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TigerTAILS is a Student Volunteers Council service project focused on tending to a local no-kill animal shelter in Princeton, NJ, helping the shelter work to place each and every animal into a loving home.

UNICEF Princeton

Information about UNICEF Princeton is coming soon.
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Uplifting Athletes

Information about Uplifting Athletes coming soon.
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Young Scholars Institute

Young Scholars' Institute is a community center in Trenton where Princeton students can volunteer to provide one-on-one tutoring for students in after-school programs.
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