Blogging Guidelines

Want to set up a blog to share your service and civic engagement experience? Here's what you need to know:

1. Sign and return the Pace Center Blogging Agreement
All members of your group, project or trip who will be blogging need to read, sign and return a copy of the Pace Center Blogging Agreement to Communications Coordinator Gwen McNamara before beginning to blog. The agreement ensures that you and your fellow bloggers are aware of and abiding by University guidelines around copyright, privacy, civility, etc. 

2. Set up your blog
You can use a variety of tools to create your blog, but most commonly our students have used Tumblr or WordPress. There are a variety of free templates you can choose from. Once you set up your blog, share the link with Gwen so we can follow along and share your insight and reflections.

3. Populate your blog! 
Every blog representing a Pace Center program needs to include:

  • The name of your group, project or trip.
  • A description of your group, project or trip as a part of a specific Pace Center for Civic Engagement program at Princeton University. You are encouraged to use language describing your program found on the Pace Center website. 
  • The names of the authors of each blog post (do not make your posts anonymous, it’s important that each post be able to be attributed to a specific individual or individuals).
  • Context about why you are blogging - is it to capture reflections of your service experience? archive the work you’ve done? share photos and reactions in real-time?