Glickman Prize

The Priscilla Glickman '92 Memorial Prize is awarded to a Princeton senior who has demonstrated independence and imagination in the area of community service, seeks knowledge and purposeful adventure in unfamiliar cultures, and maintains strong academic work. The prize commends the qualities of curiosity in the world and commitment to the betterment of the world by recognizing outstanding past contributions to community service. The prize is awarded to encourage the student recipient to explore new challenges in the future. The prize winner is announced annually at Class Day.

Nominate a graduating senior

The Priscilla Glickman '92 Memorial Prize 25th Anniversary Book


Prize Recipients:

Daniela Alvarez '21

Karina Aguilar Guerrero '20

Samuel Vilchez Santiago '19

Anam Vadgama '18

Daniel Rounds '17

Azza Cohen '16

Claire Nuchturn '15

Lucie Wright '14

Marlene Morgan '13

Alexandra Gecker '12 and Alexander Craig '12

Brian Locascio '11

Jenni Newbury '10

Dexter Doyle '09

Joshua Loehrer '08 and Jessica Gheiler '08

Drew Frederick '07

Laura Collins '06 and Sara Colon '06

Meridel Bulle-Vu '05 and Brandon Nicholson '05

Arthur Williams, IV '04

Daniel Stover '03

Michael Fletcher II '03

Renu Boatright '02

Abigail Love '01

Tamara Johnson Leech '00 and Joseph Wardenski '00

Jaffet Ghebretnsae '99 and Kate Gwon '99

Stephanie McGill '98 and Pratik Shah '98

Safiya Daniels '97, Staphanie Levey '97, and Misha Simmonds '97

Crystal Moore '96 and Raymond Gonzalez '96

Jeremy Roller '95

Karen Jachson-Weaver '94

Peter Reese '93

Delphine Hirsh '92