At the Pace Center, we believe that service is most powerful when viewed less as an activity or box to check, and more as a guiding lens to shape decision-making and pursue a meaningful life. We believe that learning and service go hand-in-hand. That supporting student ideas leads to self-discovery. That students can make an intentional difference at Princeton and beyond when they explore their relationship to the world. We believe in humility and accountability. We believe in community partnerships that are respectful and purposeful. And we believe in the multidimensional nature of student leadership. These beliefs serve as the foundation for our four core values and put us on a path to realize our mission and vision.

Our Vision

Students will use service as a guiding lens for their educational experience and beyond.

Our Mission

The Pace Center makes service and civic engagement part of the Princeton student experience.

Our Values

Engaged Discovery

Students can learn how to serve, why to serve and from service. Students explore the context and complexity of societal issues and use that knowledge to inform their discussions in the classroom, their experiences outside the classroom and their own research. By doing so, students make an intentional difference at Princeton and beyond as they explore their relationship to the world.  

Community Focus

Service is a powerful exchange where students have as much to learn as they have to give. Partnerships with communities should be respectful and purposeful. Students’ humility and accountability yield equality, inclusion and understanding. Students learn to listen to communities, understand community needs and build community on campus and beyond.

Impactful Programs

Service is meaningful when students both grow as individuals and respond to the needs of the world. Done well, service makes measurable contributions toward communities’ long-term goals. When students plan, prepare and engage thoughtfully with issues that matter, they learn how to effect change with others and within themselves.

Student Leadership

Students doing service lead in ways that go beyond position, title or role. When engaging in service with communities, students have many opportunities to lead. Whether interacting with the community, modeling behavior for other students or adapting to change, students learn that leadership is multidimensional, iterative and collaborative.