Accessing Vehicles
Vehicle Accident or Damages

Accessing Vehicles

The Pace Center for Civic Engagement partners with Enterprise CarShare to support our off-campus volunteer service opportunities. Enterprise will oversee eight vehicles that are shared and dedicated for the exclusive use of the Pace Center and the Facilities departments. 

Please note: Standing reservations by Pace Center service projects will now be replaced by individual CarShare reservations. Communication within your project as to who is driving each day will be of utmost importance!

If you are a part of a Pace Center program, service project or student organization and would like to access a vehicle through the new Enterprise CarShare partnership you must be a Van-Certified Driver and take part in an Enterprise CarShare Training.

Want to get started? Here are the ABCs:

A. Become Van Certified – Go to Public Safety’s Campus Vehicle Driver Certification(link is external) site paying close attention to the instructions on how to become Van (driver)-Certified, including the following three components: Driver History Questionnaire (DHQ), Online Test and Behind the Wheel Test.

B. Drop Off Documentation to Pace – Drop off your completed Driver History Questionnaire, signed by Public Safety with notation of successful Behind-the-Wheel Test to the Pace Center at Frist 201D. Bring your valid Driver’s License as well. These will be scanned by the Pace Center and kept on file.

C. Take the Enterprise CareShare Training – Once you complete steps A and B, your name will be provided to Enterprise who will enroll you in our dedicated CarShare program. Enterprise will provide you with a member card which is activated once you attend a CarShare Training. The next available session can be found on our Events Calendar.

The Training Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and are required. You will learn how to reserve the vehicles, the policies for use of the vehicles, and your responsibilities as a member. After the session is complete, you will receive your Enterprise Member ID for logging into the exclusive Pace Center CarShare reservation and scheduling system. You will also receive your membership card which is assigned to you specifically and which is used to access the vehicles.

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Vehicle Accident or Damages

If you get into an accident or damage a vehicle while participating in a Pace Center program or event. Please abide by the following:

1. Call ambulance 911 if anyone is injured and call local police 911 whenever another vehicle is involved

If another vehicle is involved, you must remain with the vehicle until police arrive. A Police Accident Report is required. Obtain a copy of report at the scene if possible or get reporting officer’s information which you will provide to Public Safety when you file an accident report (see below). If accident damages your vehicle only, you do not have to call Police, but you still need to do Steps 2 and 3 below. 

2. Call rental agency where you rented your vehicle to report the damage*

3. Call Pace Staff

  • Breakout Princeton, Community House, Pace Council for Civic Values contact
        Charlotte Collins: Cell: 203.988.1098, Office: 609.258.0164
  • All Pace Center programs and events contact:
       Carey Hoover:  Cell: 609.712.2659, Office: 609.258.0364
       Rose Holton: Cell: 732.207.4913,  Office: 609.258.7260

4. Go to Public Safety to file an accident report

When you return to campus immediately go to Public Safety to file an accident report on any accident or damage to vehicle. If you have a copy of the police report, bring it with you. 

*Damage Claims
Students are not responsible for paying rental vehicle damage claims. If you/your family receives a damage claim invoice, please contact the Pace Center Business Manager Carey Hoover,, 201C Frist, 609.258.0364.