Student Development

The Pace Center has developed a three-tier student development curriculum to support the growth and development of our student boards, project leaders and volunteers. 

Volunteer 101

This first tier of student development provides modules designed to equip new volunteers with the knowledge they need to have a successful and powerful experience with through their service work.  Tier one development takes place in October and March each year following our Civic Engagement Student Activities Fair and Spring Service Kickoff.

Project Leader Development

In this second tier offering, more advanced modules prepare student leaders to not only continue to serve successfully but also support other students in their service work.  Project leader development will be composed of two unique learning tracks—one for student leaders of immersion projects (Breakout Princeton and Community Action) and another for student leaders of weekly projects (Community House and Student Volunteers Council). Leader development takes place annually in April.

Student Board Development

Tier three is comprised of our most advanced modules.  This development will not only equip our top level leaders to run their programs successfully, but also prepare them to build constituents and collaborate with others both on and off campus partners. Tier three board training takes place in February.

In addition, our Student Development Team, led by Associate Director Charlotte Collins, is developing supplementary peer-to-peer learning pieces that can be implemented outside of the larger student development cycle. Overall, all student development opportunities are organized into a menu of offerings by core competency area – such as diversity, leadership or community building. This menu will be available for student leaders and staff as a resource to help build smaller program and project-specific development opportunities.