New Service Group Proposal Form

This form is to be submitted after have you completed the first step of sending a brief description of your new service group idea to the Pace Center staff adviser, Elsie Sheidler and you have been given the go-ahead to submit this fuller application. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to propose your new service group. Complete and submit the form below. Once you have submitted this form, refer to the section, What can I expect once my form is submitted? to understand the process and next steps.

Purpose: What is the main purpose of this group? Include how new members will be recruited and any activities, events or other plans you have for the group. Motivation: What was the motivation behind proposing this group? Include how this idea originated and why you want to lead this group. Goals and Objectives: What do you hope to achieve with this group? Include how they align with the mission and one or more of the Pace Center core values. Learning: What do you hope students will learn from being involved with this group? Include learning goals and learning objectives you have for the group. Leadership: What is your proposed leadership structure? Identify any students involved in leading this group and how you plan to sustain this group after students have left Princeton. Community Connections: What community organizations is your group working with? Identify any community organizations that you are working with related to direct service, national chapter oversight or other collaborations with your group. Include links to these organizations’ websites.
Select one or more of the Pace Center’s themed areas of social issues that best reflect the focus of your group.
Please review the Get Involved section of the Pace Center website. If there are any opportunities that intersect or overlap with your proposed new group, name them here:
a. Agree to have a Pace staff adviser contact the community connection using the contact information that I provided above. I recognize that the purpose of this contact is to ensure a mutually reciprocal positive experience and relationship.
b. Complete and submit the ODUS SGRC Petition form indicating student interest.
c. Agree to and schedule a 15-minute interview with the ODUS SGRC (Student Group Recognition Committee). The SGRC schedule to conduct interviews is on the USG SGRC website.
d. Schedule and participate in a New Group Onboarding meeting with the Pace Center. Email Elsie Sheidler,
e. Review and abide by the policies set forth by ODUS for student organizations as well as those policies and practices set forth by the Pace Center.