If you are a Pace Center-sponsored student organization member or service project leader planning your next event, look no further! This section of our website will provide a step-by-step guide to the Pace Center’s Event Registration Form, which must be completed in order for you to hold your event. This section includes a description and instructions for completing each field, as well as helpful tips and links to policies, resources and services.

Before beginning the event registration process, please be sure that you are familiar with general University policy governing campus associations and activities, which can be found in Section 2.1.3 of Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. Other important policies and excerpts can be found at the bottom of this page in the “Policies, Resources, and Additional Information” section.

If this is your first time registering an event, we strongly recommend that you set up a meeting with Pace Center staff.  The Pace Center staff adviser for student advocacy organizations is Elsie Sheidler. For Student Volunteers Council (SVC) weekly service projects, the staff adviser is Dave Brown. For Community House weekly service projects, the staff adviser is Charlotte Collins. If you are a student looking to create a new group, learn how to propose a new service group and the Pace Center will be in touch with next steps. 

All events must be registered through the Pace Center’s Event Registration Form on the Find Your Pace Database. To get started, click on “Event Registration” and then “Create Request.” It is important to note that in completing your request, you will be prompted for any questions or comments that you feel are important to share with us. After submitting your form, the Pace Center will review your application and send comments that will help in guiding your event planning.

NOTE: Please refrain from contracting services or reserving any spaces before receiving approval from the Pace Center for your event. Additionally, be aware that you will need to know the chartstring for your organization to complete financial transactions related to your event. Pace can provide you with this information.

Getting Started 
Financial Information
Policies, Resources and Additional Information


Getting Started

Tips for Getting Started in Filling out our Event Registration Form

The Getting Started section of the Event Registration Form covers your contact information and the basic event information – what it is, when it is, and where. Be aware that event location and dates can sometimes present challenges – this section will help you to find the right information to place your event at the right time and place.

Requester Name

This is where your name should appear. The form will auto-fill your name.

Requester Title/Position

Indicate your position within your student organization or service project. If you are not an officer in your organization, select “Other.”


The form should already display your email. Ensure that this is correct before proceeding.

Requester Phone Number

Enter your phone number.

Who is your Pace Staff Adviser?

Student organizations, select “Elsie Sheidler” from the drop-down menu; for SVC weekly service projects, select “Dave Brown”; for Community House weekly projects, select “Charlotte Collins.”

Pace Group Name

Enter your group’s full name.

Pace Group Type

Select from the drop-down options.

Event Title

Name your event here. Think carefully about what you want your event to be called. This will be the name that will later appear on any advertisements and paperwork.

Event Description

Describe the event in the simplest way you can, and how you think it aligns with the Pace Center’s goals and mission

Event Start & End Date/Time

It will be useful to do a bit of research before filling this section out. Avoid scheduling your event during exam periods, and consult University academic calendars to ensure that your event won’t create conflicts with other University-scheduled events. Please also consult general University policies for when student events can be held.

  • A Student Events Calendar can be found on the TigerApps website. 
  • A list of meeting and event spaces as well as an online reservation form can be found on the University Scheduling website. Note: Do not reserve a space before your event is approved by the Pace Center.
  • Be aware events cannot be scheduled between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., and sound amplification is prohibited 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. 

Event Location (List your top three preferences)

Event location is another field where some research is necessary. The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) provides a list of popular venues for events. Indicate your top three choices and check for availability during your proposed event date(s).

Target Audience (e.g. undergrads, staff, alumni, etc.)

Who is this event intended for?

Expected # of Attendees

How many people (approximately) will be at your event? 


Financial Information

Tips to Complete the Financial Information Section of our Event Registration Form

In this section of the Event Registration Form, you will answer questions about the financial nature of your event. You’ll also be asked to provide a budget summary, potential funding sources, and you may elect to request Pace Center funding.

Identifying and securing sources of funding is a critical step in making your event possible. Please be aware that this responsibility lies with the treasurer of your organization, and any liabilities incurred must be accounted for by the officers of the organization. Princeton and the Pace Center offer many opportunities to provide funding for student events, but it is important to plan and execute financial procedures thoroughly.

Is this a fundraiser?

If you select ‘Yes,’ please consult the Pace Center website for fundraising guidelines. Note that specific protocol and policies apply when fundraising at Princeton. Besides the guidelines noted above, also review “Fundraising” in the “Policies, Resources, and Additional Information” section.

Provide an estimated cost of your event, including rough itemization of  costs.

See the Pace Center’s guide to creating a budget.

Identify funding sources, noting those that are confirmed and those that are potential.

Funding may be requested from the Pace Center and other funding sources. After the Pace Center approves your Event Registration Request, this is a good time to research funding opportunities and write funding request letters. ODUS provides an example of a funding request letter   

Request for Pace Center funds, including how the funds could be used.

This is your opportunity to detail your budget needs and how Pace Center funds might be allocated to help you meet those needs. The Pace Center has a limited pool so each request is reviewed carefully and should be as specific as possible.

Will you have guests/speakers who will require payments or reimbursements for expenses?

If you select ‘Yes,’ you will be prompted to contact Carey Hoover to obtain prior approval.

  • Contact the speaker or the speaker’s agency to determine the potential  cost of the speaker.
  • Be sure to include the honorarium and cost of travel/lodging for your speaker in the budget summary you noted earlier.

You must include specific information including train/flights, car service, lodging and food expenses.

For additional details and help, contact Rose Holton.



Various departments and agencies at Princeton offer a multitude of services to help make your event a success. However, it’s up to you to contact the right people, register your event with them, and fill out their paperwork. The Services section of the Event Registration Form will get you to start thinking about what kinds of services will help your event to run smoothly. Remember, you must receive approval for your event from the Pace Center before requesting services from other campus departments.

Tips for Completing the Services Section of our Event Registration Form


If your answer is ‘Yes,’ you will be prompted to answer two questions, listed below. Additionally, you will be asked to contact Rose Holton at the Pace Center. This lets the Pace Center know that you require guidance on refreshments. It will be your responsibility to secure food catering and complete the accompanying processes.

What types of food/drinks are you considering?

What vendor/caterer do you have in mind?

Be sure to reach out to the vendor/caterer to ensure that they are capable of providing what you require.

Event Space Setup Required?

If your answer is ‘Yes,’ you will be prompted to contact Rose Holton at the Pace Center. This lets the Pace Center know that your event requires setup support. It will be your responsibility to register this request with the appropriate service providers.

Be sure to know whether you want your event to be outdoors or indoors. In  addition to securing the space for your event, you may need to contact Conferences &  Events Services, University Scheduling, and/or Facilities. A list of  services and the contexts in which you would need them can be found in Policies, Resources, and Additional Information section.

Media Services Required?

If your answer is ‘Yes,’ please contact Rose Holton at the Pace Center. This lets the Pace Center know that your event requires media services.  It will be your responsibility to contact Media Services and arrange for those services.

You will be given the option to check off boxes for “Laptop Projection,”  “Podium,” “Microphones,” and “Other.”  After approval of your event from the Pace Center, you can arrange for these media services items by contacting  Media Services or visiting their website.

Marketing Support Required?

Checking the boxes on the form for Pace Center marketing channels is an easy way to  support your event with Pace Center resources. The Pace Center will provide marketing support via its own media, but  there are many other opportunities to market your event. Below is a list  of commonly used marketing techniques for campus events. Additional information can be found on the ODUS website.

  •  Put up posters
    • Public bulletin boards, outdoor kiosks and lampposts are permitted by the University for postering.
    • The Princeton University Publicity Agency can be hired to help with putting up posters and distributing literature.
  • Event list
    •  Submit your event information (or advertisement) on or before the Saturday preceding your event to have it emailed to all undergraduate and graduate students as part of an events list.  Send your event information to
    • PU Home Page
      • Fill out this submission form to request that your event appear on ‘Featured Events’ on the University’s main website.
    • McCosh Walk Banner
      •  Follow these instructions to request that your event be advertised via a McCosh Walk banner. Note that your organization must provide the banner that will be hung.
    •  Press Advertisements
      • The ODUS website has information on how to advertise in The Daily Princetonian,   Nassau Weekly, Princeton Alumni Weekly, WPRB 103.3, as well as off-campus publications.

NOTE: Aside from food, beverages, event setup, and marketing, there are many other services available for students planning events. Please consult the list of services in the Policies, Resources, and Additional Information section to see if your event requires or could benefit from them.