In an effort to support civic engagement across campus, the Pace Center  invites and accepts co-sponsorship requests from ODUS (link is external) recognized student organizations, University campus departments and centers, and community partners associated with Pace Center projects or programs.

If you are a Pace Center program, service project or student organization looking for support or promotion of an event you are not eligible for Pace Center Co-Sponsorship. Please fill out our Event Registration (link is external) form instead.

Why co-sponsor with the Pace Center?
To make civic engagement part of the Princeton student experience, we connect and have relationships with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff on campus and over 100 community partners throughout the country and beyond. Thousands of alumni, friends and allies regularly follow us on social media, subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and interact with us on a daily basis. Our diverse and wide constituency cares deeply about service, civic engagement and tackling critical social issues. With the Pace Center as your co-sponsor, you will not only benefit from marketing or funding support, but also gain an ally who will stand with you in your efforts to elevate awareness, share information and inspire action.

How we define co-sponsorship

The Pace Center’s definition of co-sponsorship is defined as promotion and/or funding support, between the Pace Center and the student organization, department/center or community partner. (Note that community partners are eligible for promotion support only.) The co-sponsored event, activity or project should support the University’s priority around discovering a deeper value of a Princeton education through meaningful service and civic engagement.

Co-sponsorship parameters

Co-sponsorship is limited to ODUS-recognized student organizations, campus departments and centers, and community partners associated with Pace Center projects or programs.

A co-sponsorship request should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event, activity  or project. Requests submitted with less notice  may not be  possible to support.

Co-sponsorship requests must be made through the Pace Center’s Co-sponsorship Request Form. All requests will be required to include:

  • The name of your student organization, department/center, community organization and a brief description of its purpose and overall focus/activities and the audience which you are targeting.
  • A description of the co-sponsorship event, activity, or project.
  • If funding support is requested, you are asked to provide specific information, including the amount requested,  a chartstring, and a budget narrative that provides a rough breakdown of costs, specifically denoting what the Pace Center funds will cover.
  • If promotion support is requested, you are asked to  be specific in your request.
  • The Pace Center will not retroactively co-sponsor or fund events.

Funding support

An annual pool of funding is allocated to co-sponsorships, with most awards granted in the range of $250. Examples of requests that we typically fund include food, registrations fees and promotion efforts. (Community partners are not eligible for funding.)

Funding support may not be used for prizes, gifts, travel, alcohol or donations. Deposits or advanced payments will not be be permitted as requests.

Promotion support

Promotion co-sponsorship requests are accepted from student organizations, campus departments and centers, and Pace Center community partners.

Promotion co-sponsorship is offered in the form of sharing information on Pace Center social media, the Pace Center website and the Pace Center’s monthly e-newsletter.

When promotion co-sponsorship is granted, the Pace Center logo must appear on all printed and/or electronic promotional materials, with files and instructions provided by the Pace Center.

The Pace Center for Civic Engagement must be recognized during the actual event, activity or project.  Examples of recognition include mention of the Pace Center by the opening speaker and/or reference to the Pace Center on any banners, signs, or other publicly posted  or printed marketing materials.

Request process 

  • Submit the Co-sponsorship Request form.
  • Co-sponsorship requests are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • As needed, the Pace Center may be in touch to request a short meeting to clarify any aspects of the co-sponsorship.
  • Final decisions are made by relevant Pace Center staff.
  • The requester will be notified of decision, via email, within one week of request submission.

Questions should be directed to Elsie Sheidler, Associate Director,


Co-Sponsorship Request Form

If you are an ODUS-recognized student organization, University campus department or center, or community partner associated with Pace Center projects or programs looking for co-sponsorship opportunities with the Pace Center, please fill out the following form.

Maximum of $500.
DEPT: ____ FUND: ____ PROGRAM: ____
Identify breakdown of costs.