Thursday, Nov 3, 2016
by Pace Center Staff
Interested in taking a leadership role in service and civic engagement? Want to help shape the direction programs at the Pace Center? Join one of our amazing student boards!
Monday, Oct 31, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
At Princeton, fall break is a time for rest, relaxation and (sometimes) finishing up midterm exams. But for some students, it’s also about service.
Monday, Oct 24, 2016
We have grown from a center focused on supporting the activity of service to a center where service and learning are intertwined. Our strategic plan not only reinforces the University’s strong commitment to service and civic engagement, but also strengthens the work we’ve already begun to help students learn to do service well.
Friday, Oct 21, 2016
by Office of Alumni Affairs & the Office of Development
Service, and the concept of giving back, are integral to the Princeton experience. In the University's informal motto, “In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity," service extends to creating new knowledge and opportunity—from research to entrepreneurship—as well as civic engagement.
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
by Delaney Thull '19
Does each person have a duty to serve in some way? How do the requirements of a professional career balance with the demands of a personal commitment to service? Can a career in any field effectively help better the world?
Monday, Oct 17, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
Community House is teaming up with the Alumni Association of Princeton University to collect food for families in need as part of "Alumni Volunteer Weekend 2016: In Service of Princeton and Humanity." Canned goods and nonperishable food items can be dropped off at donation boxes across campus.
Wednesday, Sep 14, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
Is voting service? Yes according to a panel of current elected officials, faculty and student leaders! At Reflections on Service: Democratic Engagement & Civic Values they explored why voting matters, why elections matters and share key insight on the coming election.
Friday, Sep 9, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
Is voting service? Join us and your fellow classmates on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 4:30 PM in McCormick 106 to discover how you can engage in the democratic process and incorporate civic engagement into your campus life.
Thursday, Sep 8, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
What is service? Is it helping others, making a difference, giving back? Yes, but it's also so much more. On Community Action (CA), more than 525 first-year students at Princeton are learning how service is about listening, learning and understanding as much as it is about doing.
Thursday, Sep 1, 2016
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator
Starting Monday, Sept. 5 more than 525 incoming students at Princeton will make service to others part of their college experience by living and working in communities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania as they volunteer and learn about critical social issues as a part of CA.