The Osborne Association

Apply HERE (Applications due February 17, 2017)


Location: Bronx, NY

Address of Internship: 809 Westchester Avenue Bronx, NY 11201

Position Description

Interns will: accompany seasoned advocates in court in preparation to attend on their own, they will work with defense attorney, DA's and judges, they will prepare written reports for the court, orally advocate for alternative sentences, refer clients to community based treatment services and monitor their progress. Interns will also interview clients and others as needed, order and gather relevant records. Interns will receive guidance and instruction throughout, as well as weekly supervision.


Interns who are passionate about learning or working with individuals in the criminal justice system, social justice, criminal justice reform are ideal candidates. Interviewing, interpersonal and strong organizational skills are suggested for this deadline laden internship. Interns who are energetic and willing to work hard with clients who often require a high level of engagement is an ideal candidate. This internship will require public speaking at times, as well as the ability to prepare persuasive memos for the court. Most importantly, we value interns who come to CAS with ideas to enhance the work that we already do in innovative ways.