Correctional Association of New York

Apply HERE (Applications due February 17, 2017)


Location: New York, NY

Address of Internship: 2090 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr Blvd, Suite 200 New York, NY 10027

Position Description

CA interns will work closely with the CA team on all aspects of the monitoring, research, advocacy, organizing, and reporting of the project.  In the office, interns will have opportunities to: maintain written correspondence and telephone calls with incarcerated persons and their families; conduct research, data analysis, and draft report writing; prepare for and conduct prison visits and interviews with incarcerated people; and engage in system-wide policy advocacy and community organizing and coalition building.  

On prison visits, interns will participate in interviews with incarcerated persons and prison staff, observe conditions inside the prisons and assist with follow-up data analysis, reporting and advocacy.  Our visits will focus on assessing general conditions, staff violence and abuse, medical and mental health care, the use of solitary confinement, program opportunities, the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs, and other conditions.  During the visits, interns observe all areas of the prison to identify problems and highlight any positive programs. For research, data analysis, and draft report writing, it may be both specifically related to a particular prison, and/or on a systemic issue confronting prisons.  For example, recent Guggenheim interns engaged in data analysis for, and drafting portions of, a report about one of the facilities PVP visited; written narratives of the experiences, insights, and analyses of people currently incarcerated; and engaged in research, analysis, and report writing for system-wide submissions.

The intern also will have the opportunity to participate in legislative and administrative advocacy and collaborate with coalitions of individuals, service providers, and advocates on criminal justice issues. For example, recent Guggenheim interns participated in a major statewide campaign challenging the use of solitary confinement and other forms of extreme isolation in New York prisons and jails.


PVP internship candidates should have good writing skills, a commitment to social justice/racial justice/challenging incarceration, an open heart and mind, and the ability to interact with persons from all backgrounds.  The ability to read and write in Spanish is preferred, but not required.