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Propose a Trip












So you want to propose a Breakout trip? Here are the steps of the application process:

1. Ask yourself what social issues you’re passionate about - what matters most to you, and what you believe will interest other students as well.

2. Find a co-leader. (You are more than welcome to propose a trip by yourself-- but two heads are better than one when writing a Breakout proposal!) Look for someone who also cares about this issue and has leadership experience.

3. Find community partners. If you know of any nonprofit organizations, businesses, politicians, universities, or professors who are experts in the field, reach out and ask if they would be willing to host a group of Princeton students who are interested in learning about a specific domestic social issue. Further, ask who else they believe you should meet with in order to get a diverse perspective about the issue!

4. Find a location. Most societal issues happen all over the country - where do you find the intersection of problems and solutions most intriguing? We encourage trip applications to destinations within driving distance, especially in the New Jersey area as Breakout believes in learning about the community immediately around Princeton.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Program Coordinator Eliza Blades.


We will be accepting proposals for the Fall and Spring trips of the next academic year in March 2017.

To propose at trip, please review our trip resources: Designing Your Trip, Sample Trip Budget, Sample Trip Proposal, and Trip Leader Requirements before completing the Breakout Princeton Trip Proposal form and Breakout Princeton Leader Application