Charm City: Maintaining Community in the Midst of Gentrification

Baltimore, Maryland

Recent news reports describe gentrification as a dirty word in many urban neighborhoods across the country, especially in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is commonly known as "the city of neighborhoods," making for a unique situation as gentrification causes these neighborhoods to shift in appearance, demographically and socioeconomically. This Breakout Trip is focused on learning what gentrification looks like and how it is positively and negatively affecting the Baltimore community. Specifically, we aim to garner an understanding on how a sense of community can be maintained as the neighborhoods undergo this change and how Baltimore's racial history plays a role in this phenomenon. We look forward to engaging in discussions with government officials, community organizers, and city activists as we learn more about this increasingly prevalent issue.


Jasmine Young '20

Jasmine Young '20

My name is Jasmine Young and I'm a member of The Class of 2020! I'm originally from Wilmington, North Carolina and an ORFE major. I love spoken word poetry (Ellipses!), sweet tea, and am currently the Treasurer of the Black Student Union. I also volunteer tutor with and am on the board of Community House. I look forward to exploring issues of race and gentrification on our Breakout Trip this fall!


Jonathan Haynes '20

Jonathan Haynes ‘20

My name is Jonathan Haynes, originally from Midland, Michigan. As a member of the Class of 2020, I am a tentatively concentrating in Public Policy. On campus, I am involved in the American Whig-Cliosophic Society and Princeton Tutoring. I am also serving as the Vice President of the Black Student Union. I am very excited to explore the community implications of gentrification and its many intersections!


Applications will be available in the fall. More information can be found here.