Breakout Board


Student Name & Email



Hanna Berhane (hberhane@)



Irma Qavolli (iqavolli@)


Operations Chair

Olivia Foster (ofoster@)


Events Chair

Blaykyi Kenyah (bkenyah@)


Communications Chair

Natasha Thomas (nkthomas@)


Finance Chair

Kelly Bojic (kbojic@)


Post-Trips Chair

Vanessa Phan (vanessap@)


Leader Training

Ryan Hileman (jhileman@)


Staff Advisor:

Eliza Blades


Weekly Meeting:

Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm


Have you led a Breakout Princeton trip before? Want to do more to shape the future of this amazing program? Become a Student Board Member. Download the Board Member Application and submit it to Eliza Blades, Program Coordinator. Have a question about what it’s like to be a Student Board Member? 

If you have any overall questions or concerns, reach out to Program Coordinator, Eliza Blades.