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  • RT @MikeatPrinceton: Nonprofits have challenges. #PrincetonU students have ideas. A cool collaboration is born. http://t.co/eOXQSIpJVf
  • More Armstead wisdom: "Try one strategy. Don't do everything at once. Pick something and give it a shot, then learn + move on!" #PrincetonU
  • Matthew Armstead shares: Remember to "zoom out + look at who has the power to make decisions" #PrincetonU http://t.co/7tG0qyu2TP
  • "Organizing works in seasons," says Armstead."Farmers have a growing season and a dry season. Organizing needs down time too." #PrincetonU

Public art is a forum for expression thats allow communities to grow in understanding and embrace ‘outsiders,’ creating a more beautifully diverse culture.

- Katie Zaeh '10